About Us

All you wanted to know about Fernfabrik!

Fernfabrik came into being in 2003 - the brainchild of Matt Herriott, a true Kiwi. Sport is practically a way of life for him!

As a New Zealander Matt Herriott has played and been involved in many sports and knows the value and worth of the product promoted by Fernfabrik.

Fernfabrik is THE official and certified Canterbury of New Zealand - CCC of NZ - Teamwear distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Fernfabrik is Internet based and aims to provide an easily accessible, high quality and involved level of service to its clients and customers.

Fernfabrik operates out of Thueringia - the green heart of Germany. Fernfabrik is the proud distributor of "The World's Toughest Activewear" based in Germany.

The promotion, distribution and sale of Canterbury of New Zealand - CCC of NZ - product is our "Bread and Butter". Fernfabrik is your one-stop point for CCC of NZ product - in particular Teamwear.

At Fernfabrik there's no Bull, just straight-up, top quality product with a friendly, engaged, customer (you!) focussed service.

Feel free to contact Fernfabrik should you have any queries with regard to any Canterbury of New Zealand - CCC of NZ - product. If you want to know more about us or where we are and what we're doing check us out on Facebook.

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